hVIVO can accelerate drug development

In Human Challenge Model studies, healthy volunteers are isolated in our specialist facility and are infected with a suitable respiratory virus, which is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. They are then observed for 10 to 17 days. During this time, they may be treated with a new drug candidate, or may have already been given a new vaccine. In addition, the Company often works on virus-only research programmes with the intention of simply understanding how a virus and the human body interact - such research could lead to exciting new discoveries.

Conducting the Human Challenge Model in a controlled quarantine environment allows for a superior study design; this is more cost-effective and critically accelerates the selection of a safe and effective dose, and dosing regimen, for a new antiviral drug or vaccine. We currently conduct and co-ordinate multiple clinical trials per year. In this century, our experience in this field is unparalleled.

We believe that the Human Challenge Model is a superior alternative to early stage, field-based trials, and could provide important guidance in designing the large-scale licensing studies that are required to move forward through the subsequent phases of research.

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Retroscreen is pioneering human models of disease the hVIVO way

hVIVO is the new proprietary brand of Retroscreen, representing our broad technology platform for the research and development of new therapies

We are a world leader dedicated to the conduct of the Human Viral Challenge Model (also known as the VCM), a model which we have pioneered this century. These studies may take place in the company’s unique, purpose-built, quarantine unit located in London or from time to time we may use other facilities. The Human Challenge Model enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as world leading academic groups, to accelerate and reduce the cost of bringing anti-viral drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines to market.